About Our Clay Stones

Pryshan's Clay Stones

Our Beautiful Clay Stones are all individually handmade in Australia.Each Stone is hand pressed using organic french clay .All Our range is hand crafted and fired on the central coast in NSW.

Our Clay Stones are all natural being made from 100% French Clay and our Artisan's in Australia have been producing these Clay Stones for more then 12 years. 

When they are made, they are made to have an open cell structure. Meaning it can absorb soap or cleansers and be cleaned, removing soap and dead skin. They are made very strong so they actaully last FOREVER! Unlike other exfoliants or loofahs that wear away, harbour bacteria or run out, our Clay Stones will last you forever so you'll never have to buy another exfolaitor or loofah. 

Clay has been used for centuries in health, beauty and skincare. Cleopatra used Clay from the Nile and the Arabian desert in her beauty treatments. 

Our Clay stones draws out impurities in the skin, Detoxifies the skin, Brings back a natural radiance and glow to the skin, Evens skins complexion and texture, helps with dry, tough skin (especially on heels). People with certain skin conditons like eczema or psoriasis can use the stones gently with there medicated creams (always make sure to check with your GP or Specialist)