Frenquently Asked Questions 

Q: What Does Pryshans Clay Stones do?

Pryshans Clay Stones exfolaite the skin. This means they get rid of dead, dry skin on your body and face. They clean the epidermis getting rid of oils, dirt and grime from everyday life. They smoothen skin texture and complexion. Also they detoxify the skin drawing out impurities and give the skin a deep gentle cleanse.

Q: How Often Should I Exfoliate With The Stones?

We recommend using your Body Clay Stone everyday with either water or with your favourtie soap or body wash. 

Your Face Clay Stone we recommend to use twice a week with your favourite facial cleanser. We reccomend use it evenly all over your face for about 1 Minute.

Q: I Have Sensitive Skin, Can I Use Your Clay Stones?

We recommend to always use your Clay Stones gently, even people without sensitive skin. Applying little pressure when using the stones still gives your skin a deep cleanse and a good exfoliation, this is perfect for people with sensitive skin because they are very gentle on the skin especially if little pressure is applied.

We suggest people With sensitive skin should check with there GP, Specialist or Dermatologist if they are still unsure whether they should use them on their skin.

Q: Will This Cure My Acne ?

Our Clay Stones can be intergrated into anybodys skin care routine. It detoxifies the skin drawing out impurities and toxins, it can help with skin texture and clogged pores but will not cure acne.

Q: Are Your Products Tested On Animals?

We love our animal friends. Our products are cruelty-free.

Q: Are Your Clay Stones Safe For Pregnant Women.

Yes! Our Clay Stones are 100% Natural, made from 100% Natural Clay. No nasty chemicals are put in them so it is completely safe for Pregnant Mumma's to use.

Q: I Have A Skin Condition. Are These Stones Safe To Use?

If you use a medicated cream for your conditon you can use these stones as an applicator on those areas where cream is needed. Make sure you apply very little pressure and use gently. Our Stones can be deceiving becuase they feel so gentle on the skin. For regular skin this is fine but if you have a condition be sure to be gentle. We recommend if unsure to check with you GP, Specialist or Dermatoligist before use.

Q:What If I Experienced A Breakout Or Pimple After Using The Face Stone?

Dont worry! After using Clay Products on your face it is normal to experience some kind of pimple or breakout. Clay draws out impurities and detoxifies the skin meaning trapped impurities will be drawn to the surface of the skin. If the pimples rise in a spot where you normlly get breakouts, this is called a purge. Trust us its a good thing, it means that the clay is drawing the bad stuff out of your skin.

Q: In Places My Skin Feels Abit Sore And Red Is This Normal?

Unfortunatley its not, but we know why this happens. Our Clay Stones feel very soft and gentle when using them on our skin especially on our faces. People think that to get a "good" exfoliation they need to scrub the skin hard. This is not the case at all. Make sure that when you use Pryshan's Clay Stones you use them GENTLY. If you experience some tender, red skin this means you need to be more gentle when using them.