Our Story


Our story starts with a Mother and Daughter Duo.

We have always had a passion for skincare, beauty and what nature has to offer. For thousands of years natural products were used on skin and then nasty chemicals started to be added. We thrive to create and find natural, organic products that we love to use and know other women and men would love to use as well.

Our clay stones are held very dearly to our heart, this is our first product and we swear by them. Each one individually is hand crafted In Australia with the highest of care, with 100% clay from France, which last forever.

The first production of these Stones was trial and error, clay is tricky to deal with, but with perserverance and many sleepless nights Pryshan Clay stones were Born.

We started getting closer and closer to getting what we have today and thru continual testing and using our clay stones religiously never had our skin looked so amazing. Even with the the many sleepless nights creating our clay stones there was no breakouts or blemishes.


We knew that we couldn’t just keep them to ourselves, we need to let Australian Women and Men experience these beautifully amazing, unique skincare tools.  


So, the brand Pryshan blossomed and here we are today.


We guarantee that not only you but your daughter, mother, brother or best friend will love and we mean LOVE these Clay stones.  


Warmest regards & Happy Exfoliating 

Love Pryshan xxxxx