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Exfoliate-Cleanse With French Clay

Each and every one of our Pryshan Clay Stones is 100% natural and hand-made from pure French clay on the Central Coast in N.S.W.

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The Reason It's So Good For Skin

Your skin is your shield; it’s your first line of defence against the elements and toxins in our atmosphere. Keeping it clean and cleansed is so important. Help your skin to be the best armour it can be with clay’s unrivalled natural skincare properties.


Clay (especially French clay) has some of the most detoxifying and cleansing minerals and ingredients you can use on your skin. Clay’s clearing qualities remove blemishes, draw out impurities, and leaves you skin feeling and looking instantly brighter and smooth.

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Pryshan French Clay Face Stone.

The skin on our faces is the most exposed part of our body. Therefore, it deserves the best treatment. We have lovingly hand-crafted the Pryshan Clay Face Stone which gently cleans and clears your face, leaving it smooth, soft, and feeling vibrant. This unique and innovative exfoliator opens up your pores, draws out the oil and dirt, lets your skin breathe, and leaves it healthy .

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Help Cracked Heels With Pryshan Clay Stones

The exfoliating properties of our French clay stones means they are very gentle. Even when needing to apply pressure on hard skin areas like the heel, it can take up to 3 - 4 days of treating the area for the stones’ properties to take their full effect.


We implore you to be patient; the gentle removal of the hard, dead skin will ensure the new skin underneath remains soft and supple. As clay is much softer than pumice (which can remove the skin too rapidly, causing it to grow back thicker), its regular use will ensure your feet and heels remain and maintain their soft and supple appearance.

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Safe to Use

100% natural and hand-made with mineral-rich French clay, our Pryshan Clay Stones are hand-made and created with care. Perfect for all ages and all skin types, this is an incredible skin routine for the entire family

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Simple To Clean.

It couldn’t be easier to clean your Pryshan Clay Stones, and this should be done at least once a week. Place the stones into a bowl of boiling hot water (ensuring they are completely submerged) and leave until they’ve cooled down.

Once cooled, all the oil and dirt will have been drawn out and floated to the top of the water; remove and rinse the stones. They’re now ready to be used again! See? Easy.

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