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Exfoliate-Cleanse With French Clay

Hand MADE on the Central Coast In N.S.W each and every stone is made from pure French clay. 100% NATURAL

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Hand Made Clay Stones used in shower

The Reason It's So Good For Skin

Clay is one of the most cleansing and detoxifying ingredients you can use on your skin. The benefits of clay for skin in helping to clear blemishes, draw out impurities and leave you with a brighter complexion, are unrivalled.

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Pryshan French Clay Face Stone.

The Pryshan French Clay Face Stone is a unique and innovative exfoliator. It was created for one purpose: to make your skin soft, smooth and clean like never before. By using natural french clay, the pryshan clay stones will open up the pores of your skin to help remove excess oil and dirt. Your skin will breathe and look healthy and vibrant.


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Help Cracked Heels With Pryshan Clay Stones

Using the body stone in the shower applying pressure when cleaning your heel. The French clay is very gentle so it may take 3-4 days to remove dead skin. Be patient as this is a good thing. Removing dead skin rapidly will make it come back thicker. The clay is softer than pumice so the skin that grows back will be soft and supple. Keep using your body stone to maintain your soft, beautiful heels.

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Safe to Use

Pryshan Clay Stones are perfect for all ages. And all skin types.The best skin care routine for your family.

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Hand Made Clay Stones in sink being cleaned

Simple To Clean.

Just place boiling water into a bowl. Place both stones in the bowl . Insure both stones are submerged under the water. The boiling water will release any grit and grime the stones have trapped. Once the water is cold the stones are clean and ready for use.

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