Pryshan Botanical Neroli Oil 120ML


Australian Made on the Central Coast NSW
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Neroli Oil: Powerful Antioxidants for Amazing Skin

Pryshan Neroli Oil an ideal treatment for acne prone, or both oily and dry skin. Pryshan Neroli Oil has anti-aging properties that gently minimize the look of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s the perfect anti-aging option for everyone, working beautifully with a range of skin types and for all ages.  


☑️  A wonderful anti-aging option for all skin types

☑️  Rejuvenating & Regenerating

☑️  Antibacterial/ Anti-inflammatory and Antiseptic 


Neroli Oil Ingredients

How to Use

  1. Use Neroli Oil after Face or Body Stone Use

  2. Apply a small handful to an area

  3. Use 2-3 time per week with you skin routine



Hand-Made in Australia

Up to 20 years Use

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Quality Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions
How often do I use the Clay Stone on my face and body
About 1 - 2 times per week. This can differ from person to person so always check to see how your skin feels
How do I clean the Stones?
Not A problem. Just place in boiling water for 20-30 minutes.
I have dry flakey skin. Can I use the stones?
Not a problem. Use the stones wet with some oil. The light texture of the stone with remove dry flakey skin and will hydrate at the same time.
I have sensitive skin. Can I use the Claystone?
There are no chemicals added to our claystones. We only use the finest clay to make a our stones. We suggest to try the face stone first in a small area of your face, and follow the instructions for the Facestone.
I have a teenager with acne, will the Claystones help?
Yes our Face stone is incredible! It will help clear up the blemishes on the face. Being consistent is the key for teenagers. Using the Facestone up to 4 days a week in the shower will give great results. Just tell your teenager, not to scrub the skin with a soft circular motion is all that's needed.
Can I share the stones with my partner?
Yes you can. just wash your stones in boiling water once a week. The details on how to do this are on you website.
My skin seems irritated after I used the stone.
The main reason is that you have used too much pressure and scratched your skin. Apply no pressure when using your stones.
Is shipping free?
Yes it is free shipping.
How long is Shipping?
Shipping takes about 3-5 days. Please look out for your tracking ID in your email. Please be aware, due to the pandemic there have been some delays. We thank you for your patience.

How to Use our Claystones

Your Clay stones will be the best skin partner you have ever had. The SECRET is to use NO PRESSURE on your skin .The stone only needs to TOUCH your skin. Please see our instructional video from our Pryshan Host Kim. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to send us an email via contact.

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