Pryshan Story

Our Promise

Here at  Pryshan Clay Stones, we believe that everyone deserves self-care without compromise, so we craft delicious and delightful beauty products with exceptional quality. Whether exfoliating, scrubbing,or moisturizing,  Pryshan Clay Stones never skimps on good ingredients, so the result is soft, smooth skin every time. We know that if you feel good, then you naturally glow from head to toe.



Our Roots

Pryshan Clay Stones believes that everyone deserves to take time in their day to feel good, even if it’s just in the shower. Our family-owned and operated brand based on The Central Coast Of N.S.W offers Australian -made skin and body care that transforms your hygiene routine into a self-care ritual. With your support, social media shares, and word of mouth enthusiasm, the Pryshan Beauty community continues to grow. Thank you for choosing @pryshanbeauty for your feel-good glow from head to toe.