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Pryshan French Clay Face Stone
Pryshan French Clay Face Stone
Pryshan French Clay Face Stone
Pryshan French Clay Face Stone

Pryshan French Clay Face Stone





Meet our Stones 

Our hand-made exfoliating clay stones are a gentle way for you and your family to enjoy all-over body and face exfoliation. 100% natural using rich French clay, with Pryshan Clay Stones you “see and feel the difference instantly.


Pryshan French Clay Face Stone 

We’re passionate about our creations; this innovative and unique clay face exfoliator is no exception.

Using the Pryshan French clay face stone with gentle circular motions will coax the impurities out of your skin, leaving it smoother and softer (and clearer and cleaner) than ever before!

Natural Ingredients


We only use 100% natural French clay for all our Pryshan stones. This clay is renowned for its ability to open up your pores, remove excess oils and dirt, and draw out all the impurities and imperfections. This is a truly excellent treatment for your skin and will leave you with a healthy glow and vibrant appearance.

Boost Your Confidence 

We all get breakouts and blemishes. Their untimely appearance can be a real drain on our confidence, especially if we have an important occasion to attend, family event, or (God forbid) a date or wedding!

Trying to cover it up with make-up or using strong remedies can often traumatise the skin further. The Pryshan French Clay Face Stone was created purely for this reason: it eliminates the impurities that cause eruptions and skin irritations, giving your face a fresh, youthful look and feel by gently smoothing and cleansing the skin. 

Unique Exfoliator and Face Cleanser

The gentle exfoliating and cleansing properties of the Pryshan French Clay Face Stone are down to its unique texture, abundance of natural minerals, and ability to absorb impurities. The natural antibacterial and mineral properties of French clay can help to fight acne, as well as reduce redness and the visibility of pores.

It provides you with a deep intensive clean by drawing out the dirt, absorbing excess oils from your face, and gently exfoliating your skin. Our clay stones can help ease a variety of conditions including psoriasis and eczema. We know that, with their gentle touch, your skin can be beautiful and blemish-free. 

Incredible Addition to Your Daily Facial Routine

Incorporating the Pryshan French Clay Face Stone into your daily skincare routine couldn’t be simpler. Our clay face stones are incredibly easy to use and their cleansing and exfoliating properties ensure dead skin, dirt, and oils are effortlessly and gently polished away. 

Our clay stones are the perfect way to prepare your skin for the day and ensure it can effectively absorb the other skincare products you use to hydrate and nourish your face.

The Highlights of our Pryshan French Clay Face Stones

  • Hand-made with 100% natural French clay
  • Promotes softer, smoother skin
  • Eliminates excess oil and dirt
  • Its antibacterial properties can help with inflammation, skin blemishes, and irritating skin conditions.
  • Creates a healthier and more vibrant skin tone
  • Polishes away dead layers of skin


Use before your other skin care products to get the best results






    Pryshan French Clay Face Stone

    Pryshan French Clay Face Stone