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Pryshan French Clay Face Stone




Pryshan French Clay Face Stone

Our Clay stone exfoliator will make your skin look amazing, who doesn't, want there skin to look and feel smooth, and vibrant like never before.

Natural Ingredients

The Pryshan French Clay Face Stone is made from natural French clay its unique texture is designed to open up the pores of your skin to remove excess oil and dirt. Once you have used the face stone . your skin will soft and very smooth. The smoothness will indicate that the dead skin has been removed, your skin will look and feel amazing

Boost Your Confidence

With breakouts and blemishes compromising our self-confidence and forcing us to hide these frustrations with various make-ups, you can feel traumatised by bad skin days . The Pryshan French Clay Face Stone was created purely for this reason - to eliminate this feeling and to help stop this from happening.

Unique Exfoliator

The Pryshan French Clay Face Stone draws out impurities and absorbs the excess oils on the surface of the skin to fight acne, reduce the visibility of pores, and provide a deep, intensive clean. The unique texture of the stone works to exfoliate and help with a variety of skin conditions, including eczema, for beautiful, blemish-free skin.

Great Addition To Your Routine

Use the Pryshan French Clay Face Stone into your skincare routine. Use your moisturisers, oils, and other skincare products after you exfoliate with the stone to hydrate and nourish your skin.The stone has buffed the dead away effortlessly so your moisturisers can work more effectively.


●  Natural French clay

●  Gives you softer, smoother skin

●  Eliminates excess oil and dirt

●  Creates healthy, vibrant skin

●  Buffs away dead layers of skin

●  Use before moisturisers/oils

    Pryshan French Clay Face Stone

    Pryshan French Clay Face Stone